+ I have an Android device, will that work with the CAMLET MOUNT & my DSLR?

Yes! Android devices are more or less good to go with most Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras from the past 6 years (the connection cable will be included). Wireless connections will also be an option for anyone with Wi-Fi capable DSLR cameras.

A compatible app is required from the Google Play Store. Camlet Products does not produce its own app or provide app support, as there is such a variety of different camera brands that the mount can be combined with.

Check our list of apps or, a simple search for "DSLR controller apps" in the Google Play Store should bring up most available apps and their compatible camera brands. The Camlet Mount is the hardware solution to take full advantage of all these amazing apps coming more and more onto the market - to empower your DSLR.

+ I have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) - will that work with my DSLR?

The connection will have to be wireless, as Apple iOS doesn’t allow for wired connections. So, if your DSLR is Wi-Fi capable, you can take advantage of the official camera brand apps when using the Camlet Mount.

If you have a DSLR camera that doesn't have Wi-Fi built-in, there are still a number of options to go wireless:

1 As well as the third-party Wi-Fi modules for past cameras (eg Camranger), Nikon also makes a Wi-Fi add-on for a number of its past DSLRs 2 Affordable Wi-Fi Memory Cards are an option as they will make any camera Wi-Fi capable, albeit with limited functionality.

Most NEW DSLR models have Wi-Fi built-in, and Wi-Fi (with official apps) is virtually standard in the new mirrorless cameras. As speeds increase with the new Wi-Fi AC standard, we believe it won't be long before wireless exceeds wired performance.

We have a list of suggested apps. The Camlet Mount is a hardware solution to take advantage of all the great current and upcoming apps for cameras. Camlet Products does not provide any app support or produce its own app.

+ Will it work with the new mirrorless cameras?

Yes, probably! The Camlet Mount will fit any camera with a standard hot/cold shoe. Most of the new mirrorless models DO have that. More good news is that most of the mirrorless cameras now being released have Wi-Fi built-in and come with an official brand app, which will provide some level of functionality and control… but this will be dependent on your camera brand. See our app list. The Camlet Mount is well-suited to mirrorless cameras to take advantage of the overall smaller size of the setup.

+ Will the Camlet Mount hold a full-size tablet ?

The large holder takes tablets up to 8"(screen size) and we have a third, XL holder planned as an add-on that will take full-size tablets like the iPad Air. We've tested it with this set-up and it is very feasible depending on the weight of the tablet.



+ Will the mount hold my phone/tablet securely?

Yes: This was an important part of the design of the Camlet Mount. The holder on the Camlet Mount uses a spring-loaded mechanism with a rubber grippers to securely hold the tablet or phone in place, yet also allows quick insertion and release with no adjustment or tightening. We have measured the spring tension carefully and tested the gripping force at great length to make sure your tablet device stays put in the holder, even with the most active users!

+ How does the holder fit so many different size phones and tablets?

Apart from the adjustability of the spring mechanism, the Camlet Mount actually comes with two interchangeable holders, one for smartphones and one for tablets (less than 8" screen size), and you will be able to swap between them depending on your device. An XL holder will take bigger tablets. They extend to fit and so there's some overlap in what they each can hold - so any size of mobile device is covered between all the holders.

+ Will it make my camera setup too heavy?

The Camlet Mount has been specifically designed for the setup to be carried with one hand, so the lightness of the mount has been one of the most important design considerations. It is very lightweight, and with phones and tablets getting lighter all the time, we have found the additional weight to be virtually negligible with phones, and minor with tablets, especially when compared to other hot shoe accessories.

+ Will I still be able to carry my camera around my neck with a normal strap?

Yes: The Camlet Mount has been designed to fold down on top of the camera (both with or without the holder), allowing you to still carry the camera around your neck with a conventional strap. However we have found that the Camlet Mount works really well with a hand or wrist strap, which makes the whole setup completely mobile and ready for action for even the most active users.

+ How easy is it to change the positions of the mount ?

The tightening knobs can be locked and unlocked to move the mount into the preferred positions easily. Plus, these knobs can be adjusted so that there is enough resistance to hold the mount in place, but also allow you to comfortably move the mount into your own preferred positions without having to re-adjust them. We have found this to be the optimal setup for use, and once set, the Camlet Mount hardly has to be adjusted again!

+ Why the forward-facing position, and the lowered position?

The forward facing position is perfect for those who want to self-video record  (for video blogging, YouTube etc) whereby all the controls and settings can be adjusted without having to get up to go to the back of the camera… and you can even see the live-view on your bigger tablet screen, to make sure you look your best and are properly lit  (you can also use it to take superior Selfies with your higher quality DSLR...)

We were unimpressed by how high up conventional hot shoe mounting accessories were designed. They always seemed too far from the body of the camera. The Camlet Mount instead holds the tablet device as close to the viewfinder as possible, yet does not impede its function. When moved into the lower position, we found that this is perfect for video work as the tablet was positioned directly in front of the original small LCD display, looking down the barrel of the lens, and cinematography settings were much easier to finely adjust with the tablet touchscreen controls.

+ I have multiple camera batteries to keep my DLSR powered all day, but I doubt my tablet or phone will last for an all day shoot?

Whilst phone and tablet batteries are improving all the time, and the average user should be OK on a full tablet charge, we've come up with two potential future improvements to the Camlet Mount, both patent pending, that will allow the user's tablet device to equal and even exceed that of the camera.



+ What was the idea behind the Camlet Mount?

As photographers and videographers, we were looking for a way to get a large, portable screen solution for our DSLR cameras without having to pay for expensive and bulky monitors which can be prohibitive.

We also wanted to be able to upload our photos immediately through the social media networks while still on the go... and even edit and photoshop them without having to export to a laptop or PC first (or have an assistant be permanently at the monitor!) Furthermore we realized that very few people would pay for another mobile data account and sim card simply to get their dedicated DSLR camera online when out in the field…. it makes much more sense to use the connected device you already have.

We couldn't believe that we were all carrying around these amazing, high-res mobile connected devices with larger touchscreens, and using the inferior cameras on them, while also having high-quality DSLR cameras with tiny displays… especially when we were always carrying both. When the necessary software started to emerge it was clear to us we had to design the perfect hardware to combine the two in the unique and feature-rich way that was needed… and then.. we patented it!

+ Why does the Camlet Mount demonstrated by the presenter look slightly different to the one shown in the video stills?

The video was made when we only had a prototype and we were still working out the design for the holder… Since then we’ve actually updated the video stills to match the current design. In fact, there was so much eagerness for the video that we were only given 48 hours to complete the task (!). We hope you’ll agree that the video team did a great job in such a short time.

+ Are those GoPro mounting parts in the video?

The original prototype was built using 50% GoPro compatible mounting parts. However the design has now moved away to more custom manufactured parts, but some industry-standard compatible parts still remain.